Perfumed moisturizing hand soap of exceptional fragrance with aloe vera and
provitamins gently removes dirt and protects hands from harmful effects. Suitable for
all skin types. Soap does not cause unpleasant stretching, nourishes the skin and
maintains moisture balance. Aloe vera extract softens the skin and gives it elasticity.
The special composition of the soap pleasantly slides into the skin, giving off a
luxurious aroma.

Keep out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

Perfumed moisturizing hand soap OTHENA

kr220,00 Ordinarie pris
    • Vial type: plastic 
    • Gross weight: 372 gr. 
    • Packaging: paper, laminated
    • Not longer than 12 months from the opening date.
    • Manufacturer: Aromatic 89